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Build a Moon Base with NASA Engineers

Learn about engineering at NASA

Something broken on the space station? Learn how engineers think creatively to fix problems!

Moon Base Challenge

It’s 2030 and NASA asks you, an engineer, to build a moon base. This isn’t just any moon base. Protect your base so it can withstand a hit from an asteroid. Requires paper, tape and other common items around the house.

Test Your Math Skills With a NASA Mathematician

What is a human computer?

Dr. Christine Darden is a well-known aerospace engineer at NASA. Before that, she was a human computer. Find out more about how women like her did math by hand to get rockets to space.

Math Expedition

Try out these epic quests to see how far your math skills will take you--just like the human computers at NASA.

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Make a Robo Wheel with a NASA Robotics Engineer

What is a robotics engineer?

NASA robotics engineer Sandeep Yayathi explains how he designs and builds humanoid robots that can work alongside astronauts.

Robo Wheel Activity

Design a wheel that actually stores energy! Learn more about how to make your own robo wheel.

Create a Lunar Landing Vehicle with a NASA Materials Engineer

What is a materials engineer?

Meet NASA Materials Engineer, Erick Ordoñez. He dreamed as a child of working for NASA. Learn more about how he makes sure that any materials that NASA sends into space are safe and problem-free.

Space Landing Challenge

Your mission is to create a vehicle to get astronauts from the rocket to the surface of the moon. Think fast! You only need marshmallows and a few other materials.

Watch this video to see what you’re building!

Check out this guide to get your design started. You need cardboard, straws, rubber bands and a few other things.

Explore Anti-Gravity with NASA Astronauts

Did you know that astronauts do experiments in space?

Sometimes astronauts even do experiments to study their own bodies! Twin brothers, Mark and Scott Kelly, are both astronauts for NASA. Learn "how Scott Kelly’s year in space may have changed his body."

Zero Gravity Experiment

Check out an experiment that Scott Kelly did to test water and new cameras in zero gravity.

Make your own anti-gravity galaxy in a bottle. Try your hand at some close-up photography and video on a smartphone. Try a time lapse video or slow motion!

Visit the International Space Station with a NASA Aerospace Engineer

What is an aerospace engineer?

NASA aerospace engineer Victoria Garcia describes how she uses virtual-reality tools to design living and work spaces for astronauts. She also talks about not letting her deafness be a barrier in her life.

International Space Station Activity

Build the International Space Station piece-by-piece using a smartphone, computer or a VR headset.

Take a Sample from an Asteroid with a NASA Flight Controller

What does a flight controller do?

Take a journey with NASA Space Walk Flight Controller and Trainer, Alison Bolinger, as she teaches astronauts how to work outside their spacecraft.

Down to the Core Activity

Learn how to take a core sample from an “asteroid.” Alison teaches her astronauts to do similar activities. Requires a potato and a few other common items at home.

Make a Homemade Comet with a NASA Astronomer

What does an astronomer do?

Astronomer Amy Mainzer works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. Hear about how she became interested in studying planets, stars and asteroids with giant telescopes. What does it take to be an astronomer?

Homemade Comet

Do you want to make a homemade comet? Join Amy as she helps you to make your own comet at home! Make sure to get a grown-up to help.

Learn a Constellation with a NASA Flight Systems Engineer

What does a flight systems engineer do?

NASA flight systems engineer Tracy Drain explains that her role on the Juno spacecraft team was to keep the mission problem-free by tracking all the details so that nothing could fall through the cracks or be forgotten.

Learn a constellation:

Did you know that clusters of stars can be recognized by their shape? Constellations are like dot-to-dots in the night sky. Look up online what the Big Dipper, Orion, and Cassiopeia look like. Or learn one of the animals, like the swan, dog, or lion.

Try the Skyview Lite app on a smartphone for help once you’re outside. Just point the screen at the sky and start your star hunt!