Ages 7-9 Video Playlist

Blast off into space with any of these thrilling rocket videos.

Rocket Science and History

A Brief History of Rocketry – Teen Kids News

How have rockets changed over time to travel faster and farther? Find out more!

How Do We Launch Things Into Space? – NASA Space Place

What forces get rockets into space and satellites into orbit? Learn more.

Explore Our Solar System

Our Moon Isn’t the Only Moon! – NASA Space Place

Giant oceans and volcanoes? Find out more about the many moons of our solar system.

Searching for Planets Like Ours – Exoplanets – NASA Space Place

Are there other living things in the universe? Learn more about why scientists are studying exoplanets.


Doing the Math for NASA – African-American “Human Computers” – Morehead Planetarium and Science Center

Learn about even more of the women of NASA that made space travel safe!

Mae Jemison – “I Wanted to Go into Space” – NOVA’s Science Now

Mae Jemison was the first African-American women astronaut. Hear from Mae herself about what it was like to travel to space.

Stories and Songs About Space

Max Goes to the Moon – Story Time from Space

Listen to the travels of a dog explorer read by a real-life astronaut at the International Space Station.

Dwarf Planet Song – Hopscotch

Discover what a dwarf planet is and how many exist in our solar system.

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