All Ages Video Playlist

Blast off into space with any of these thrilling rocket videos.

Big Questions About Rockets Explained

SpaceX Launches Explained – Supercluster Science

Learn about how this company is making affordable, reusable rockets.

Why NASA Spews Out Half a Million Gallons of Water During Rocket Launches – Tech Insider

Check out NASA’s 60-second trick for getting the world’s largest rocket off the ground.

If Rockets Were Transparent — Hazegrayart

Test what you’ve learned in All About Rockets. Can you recognize the parts on the inside of a rocket?

Rocket Size in Perspective – MetaBallStudios

Ever wonder how big rockets are? The size of the Statue of Liberty or taller? Find out!

Tours on Earth and in Space

USA – NASA – Are We There Yet? National Geographic for Kids

Train to be an astronaut at the Kennedy Space Center with kid hosts, Jessica and Jake.

Mission Control – Ready, Jet, Go! – PBS Kids

Go behind-the-scenes at the “brain” of NASA to monitor all spacecraft in the universe.

ISS for Kids – Part 1 – “Launch”

See what it’s really like for astronauts to blast off from Earth and dock at the International Space Station.

NASA’s Next Missions to the Moon and Mars

How We Are Going to the Moon – NASA

Learn all about NASA’s Artemis missions to the moon and beyond!

The Mars Homes That NASA Awarded $500K

What would a house on Mars look like? Can you believe it’s all 3D-printed?

Cosmic Costumer – You Want to Be a What?! – National Geographic for Kids

Learn about why astronauts need new spacesuits to live on the Moon or Mars.

What is it like to be an astronaut?

What is it like to sleep in space?

Check out what a sleeping pod is like on the International Space Station. Which side is up?

How Is Food Delivered to Space? – Channel 4

Imagine getting your pizza delivered by a rocket! Get a sneak peek at how NASA prepares astronaut food and sends it to space.

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