Ages 5-7 Video Playlist

Click on a video below for some high-flying, hot air balloon fun!

How Balloons and Airships Work

Hot Air Balloons – Flying for Kids – Things That Go TV!

Learn how hot air balloons work.

Gecko and the Hot Air Balloon

See pilots set up a hot air balloon. Learn the parts of the balloon and take a ride.

Songs, Numbers, and Spelling With Hot Air Balloons

Super Why! – Alpha Pig Builds a Hot Air Balloon – PBS Kids

A hot air balloon is used to solve a problem among animals. Learn to spell the secret word!

Up, Up, Up! – Barefoot Books Singalong

Enjoy this storybook about a trip in a hot air balloon. The story is told through song. Join in!

Hot Air Balloons – Learn Simple Numbers – The Cartoon Airport

Practice naming the parts of a hot air balloon and how to count.

Hot Air Balloon – Vehicle Rhyme

This cartoon explains the parts of a balloon and how they work together. Sing along!

Drawing and Yoga Tutorials

How to Draw a Hot Air Balloon – Draw So Cute

Learn to draw a simple hot air balloon.

Hot Air Balloon Yoga Pose – Yoga Pose Universe

Take a brain break with yoga. Breathe like a hot air balloon!

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