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Helicopter History

Birth of Bell Helicopter

See how Bell Helicopter’s early explorations led to the helicopters we know and love today.

The First Flying Machines – Failures and Mishaps

Watch this funny video of early attempts and failures at manned flight.

Igor Sikorsky’s First Successful Helicopter | The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation

Learn about Igor Sikorsky’s history-making, single-rotor helicopter.

Helicopter Missions

Midlands Air Ambulance Documentary

The Midlands Air Ambulance has saved thousands of people over the years. Follow these real-life heroes and learn about what they do.

Polar Explorer: Jade Hameister | Best Job Ever | Nat Geo Kids

At age 14, Jade Hameister became the youngest person ever to ski to the North Pole. Learn about her trip and see how a helicopter played an important role in her polar exploration.

The Best Way to Move Mountain Goats? Helicopters. | National Geographic

Watch how one state’s Division of Wildlife uses helicopters to locate, trap, study and release mountain goats.

Real-World Helicopters & Their Pilots

The first ever Mars helicopter is INGENIOUS

See everything that went into planning the Mars Helicopter Mission.

Driven to the Sky, U.S. Coast Guard Pilot Nicole Webber

Meet U.S. Coast Guard helicopter pilot Nicole Webber as she talks about her journey to becoming a helicopter pilot who works in some of the world’s most difficult conditions.

Robinson R44 Helicopter Pilot – Women In Aviation

Meet Monica Campos, commercial helicopter pilot. Learn about her path to a career as a helicopter pilot for hire.

Just For Fun

Ten of the World’s Craziest Helicopters That Will Blow Your Mind

These wonderful and weird helicopters are sure to entertain you.

Fastest Helicopter in the World – Top 10

Helicopters can’t go as fast as airplanes, but these special ones come close!

ULTIMATE Helicopters | Helicopter Videos for Children

Watch this video to see a wide variety of helicopters in action!

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