Ages 7-9 Video Playlist

Press play on any video below for an up close look at helicopters.

How Helicopters Work

How does a Helicopter fly ?

Explore the science behind how helicopters fly.

How Does A Helicopter Work: Everything You Need To Know About Helicopters

Get an up-close look at helicopters and learn all about how they’re different, and sometimes better, than airplanes.

How Do Helicopters Fly Without Wings?

Ever wondered how a helicopter’s rotors work? Watch this video to learn all about how rotors create lift and stabilize a helicopter.

Rotor Science

Helicopters Won’t Just Drop Like A Rock If The Engine Dies

Watch this video to see what happens if a helicopter’s engine stops in the middle of a flight.

How Helicopters Work for Beginners

Learn all about how helicopters work in this introduction to the amazing machine.

Wonderful and Weird Helicopters

Human-Powered Helicopter: Straight Up Difficult

Check out this incredible human-powered helicopter designed by a team of engineers.

Model Helicopter Guided by Power of Thought

It’s not science fiction. Engineers and scientists really have developed technology that allows people to control vehicles using only their mind. Check it out here!

Chris Gammons ultralight mosquito helicopter with rotax 503 DCDI

Check out the world’s smallest manned helicopter in flight. Simply amazing!

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