Ages 5-7 Video Playlist

Press play on any video below for an up close look at helicopters.

How Helicopters Work

* HELICOPTER * | Aircraft For Kids

Join Reggie ‘Roo and learn the basic parts and functions of a helicopter.

Big Construction: helicopter. Kids’ cartoon

Check out how a helicopter gets put together part-by-part.

Helicopters for Children | Blippi Explore a Helicopter

Ride-along in a helicopter to learn how the machine works.

Helicopter Art

Rescue Helicopter Song|NEW Kids Music|Helicopter Video For Children|Gecko’s Real Vehicles|Sing-Along

Learn all about rescue helicopters and the daring missions they go on.

How to Draw a Helicopter Easy Step by Step for kids | Kids Color Learning with Helicopter Drawing

Follow these step-by-step directions to color your own helicopter.

Helicopter Missions

Rescue Helicopters For Children | Gecko’s Real Vehicles

Learn all about the real S-92 Rescue Helicopter.


Get an up-close look at firefighting helicopters.

Blippi and the LAPD Helicopter | Educational Videos for Kids

Ride along with the Los Angeles Police Department and learn about how they use their helicopter to fight crime.

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