All Ages Video Playlist

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Airplane History

Animated History of Flight

See where airplanes started and where they are now.

Who Really Invented the Airplane?

We all know it is the Wright Brothers, right? Maybe. Maybe not…

Amy’s Aviation: Wooden Planes

Learn the history of how wooden airplanes evolved.

Early Aviation Innovators

Miss Todd

Follow along with the incredible story of the first woman to build and design her own airplane.

Bessie Coleman

Learn more about Brave Bessie Coleman.

CGI 3D Animated Short: “Aviatrice” – by ESMA | TheCGBros

Discover Jacqueline Auriol, the first French woman to break the sound barrier.

The Early Days of Manned Flight

Man’s Early Flight Attempts

Check out some of the early attempts to build a flying machine.

Crazy airplanes, Crash & slapstick flying

A funny collection of man’s attempts to get flight right.

Early Flight Failures

Learn more about how scientists tried and failed and tried again to get into the air.

Just For Fun

Popularity of Barnstormers in the 1920s

Fly alongside Barnstormers as you learn more about Brave Bessie Coleman.

Jersey International Air Display 2018 Compilation

Watch stunt planes at a recorded airshow.

World’s Smallest Jet

Wow! Check out this tiny little homemade jet that flies over 300 miles an hour.

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