Ages 7-9 Video Playlist

Click to zoom into the sky with any of these amazing airplane videos!

How Airplanes Work

How Do Planes Fly? – NAT Geo Kids

Learn how planes fly.

How Do Airplanes Work? | Educational Video for Kids by Brain Candy TV

Check out the different parts of airplanes and how they make flight possible.

World’s Biggest Passenger Plane Takes Off

Ride in the largest passenger plane in the world.

The Science of Flight

Curious Crew | Paper Airplane Science

Learn all about airplane science and build the best paper airplane possible.

The Science of Airplane Flight – Scholastic

Fly with airplane experts and learn all about airplane flight.

Wonderful and Weird Airplane Facts

25 Fast Facts About AIRPLANES

These airplane facts will blow you away.

The 5 Most BIZARRE PLANES Ever Built

What is that?! Check out some of the weirdest airplanes ever made.

Amy’s Aviation: Old Planes VS New Planes

See how airplanes have evolved over time.

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