Ages 5-7 Video Playlist

Click to zoom into the sky with any of these amazing airplane videos!

How Airplanes Work

How Do Airplanes Work? | Educational Video for Kids by Brain Candy TV

Learn how the different parts of an airplane fit together.

Blippi Flies in a Private Jet + Parts of a Plane

Fly along on a private jet and see what the pilot sees.

Blippi Flies a Seaplane

Fly along on a seaplane and learn what makes them so unique.

Songs & Rhymes

“In an Airplane,” The Airplane Song by StoryBots

Sing-along to this beautiful song about flying in an airplane.

Great Innovators: The Wright Brothers and the AIrplane

Learn all about the Wright Brothers’ first flight.

Educational Cartoons

Let’s Fly! | Helicopter and Airplanes at Finley’s Factory

Discover how helicopters and airplanes are put together, one piece at a time.

The Airport Diary – Amazing Aerial Refueling

See what it takes to refuel planes mid-air.

The Mysterious Disappearance Of Amelia Earhart

Fly along with Amelia Earhart and see if you can solve her mysterious disappearance.

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